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Remove your obstacles for overseas expansion

At Jupiter, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the food industry. With our specialized expertise in logistics and market expansion consulting, we are committed to helping businesses in the food sector streamline their operations, ensure product integrity, and explore new market opportunities.

Consulting And Marketing Services


Initial Consultation

Conduct an initial consultation with the client to understand their business goals and objectives.

Assess the client’s readiness and suitability for expanding their business overseas.


Market Research

Conduct market research to identify potential target markets for the client’s perishable goods.

Provide the client with detailed reports and recommendations based on the market research findings.


Marketing Strategy Development

Collaborate with the client to develop a tailored marketing strategy for their target markets.

Define the client’s unique selling proposition (USP) and positioning in the overseas market.

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes branding, promotion, pricing, and distribution strategies.


Business Expansion Planning

Assist the client in developing a business expansion plan for overseas operations.

Identify potential distribution channels, partners, and suppliers in the target markets.

Provide guidance on legal and regulatory requirements for setting up operations abroad.

Business Expansion Overseas

Logistics Services

Import And Export Regulation Support


We deliver secure and efficient

Jupiter closely monitors advancements in the pharmaceutical industry, and we are committed to contributing meaningfully to its growth. We provide specialized solutions to meet essential temperature requirements for pharmaceutical transportation. While these services are available in selected regions, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your pharmaceutical logistics needs. Please contact us for more details.

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One-Stop Customized Logistics Solutions

Jupiter Group Light Bulb

One-stop solutions for the specialized logistics of clinical trial drugs, reagents, blood samples, and biological specimens. Our customized services ensure the safe, compliant, and efficient transport and handling of your sensitive pharmaceutical materials.

Jupiter Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled

Jupiter Group Conditioning

1. Conditioning Service

We offer conditioning services in three temperature profiles: Chilled (2-8°C), Frozen (-20°C), and Controlled Ambient (15-30°C). These services help maintain stable temperatures for thermal packaging. The packaging is KOLAS and PQ certified1.

Jupiter Group Temperature

2. Temperature Ranges

We handle logistics for different temperature ranges
Controlled Ambient (15-30°C)
Chilled (2-8°C)
Frozen (-20°C)
Deep Frozen (-80°C)
Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C)

Jupiter Delivery Service

Provide A High Level Of White Glove Delivery Service

Jupiter Group Couriers

1. Experienced Couriers

Commits to providing high-quality service through experienced couriers who handle delicate shipments with care.

Jupiter Group Package

2. Returns and Reverse Logistics

Manage returns for temperature-controlled packaging and temperature loggers.

Jupiter Group Management Vehicle

3. Direct Management of Vehicles

Manages temperature-controlled vehicles for reliable transportation.

Jupiter Group Temperature Controlled Warehouse

4. Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Warehouse operations ensure proper temperature conditions for sensitive cargo.

Jupiter Group Real Time Tracking

5. Real-Time Tracking

Live temperature and location tracking services enhance visibility throughout the supply chain.

Jupiter Consulting

Consulting Service To Improve The Entire Cold Chain Process

Jupiter Group Process

1. Process Optimization

Consulting helps identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the cold chain. By analyzing the entire process, we can recommend improvements to enhance efficiency and reduce risks.

Jupiter Group Compliance

2. Regulatory Compliance

Cold chain logistics involves strict regulations (e.g., Transportation Security Administration norms). Consulting ensures compliance with these regulations, minimizing legal risks.

Jupiter Group Emergency

3. Emergency Response Planning

Consultants help develop emergency response plans for unexpected situations (e.g., equipment failure, natural disasters). Having a robust plan ensures continuity and safety.

Jupiter Group Cost

4. Cost Management

Efficient cold chain management requires cost-effective solutions. Consultants analyze costs and propose strategies to optimize spending while maintaining quality.

Jupiter Group Integration

5. Technology Integration

We can advise on adopting advanced technologies (e.g., real-time tracking, IoT sensors) to monitor and manage the cold chain effectively.

Jupiter Containers Handling

Active Containers Handling

Jupiter Group Containers

In partnership with industry leaders Csafe and Softbox, we offer end-to-end active container management. Our services include storage, forwarding, trading, and pre-cooling to ensure the efficient handling of your active containers. Rely on our expertise to streamline your active container logistics.

Jupiter Sale and Rental

Sale And Rental Passive Shipping Box

Jupiter Group Sale

1. Sale

We offer the widest range of passive single-use and reusable patented packaging solutions. Our packaging is available in temperature profiles ranging from -80°C to 25°C, with payload capacities ranging from 2 to 96 liters.

Jupiter Group Rental

2. Rental

Our flexible packaging rental program is designed to meet temporary or short-term demands for thermal packaging. With immediate availability, our rental options are perfect for short-term usage and allow you to try out our packaging in your own environment. Renting reduces the risk of idle assets in your facility and helps you maintain your capital budget. Take advantage of our rental program to meet your packaging needs while keeping your capital budget intact.

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